A magical new design to development workflow with Inspect

Your entire team—design and development—can focus on building better products, together.

A magical new design to development workflow with InspectA magical new design to development workflow with Inspect

Inspect supports your team’s transition from design to engineering. It’s a faster way to certainty.

Experience a smoother, easier, more accurate design to development process—with Inspect.

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Generate working code - Primary supporting image

Generate working code

Get pixel-perfect code with a click, so nothing gets lost in translation. As your design evolves, the code does too. At any point in your product design process, snag the most up-to-date working code for immediate use.

Quickly gather key details - Primary supporting image

Quickly gather key details

Inspect makes getting measurements, colors, and design assets a breeze. Browse and access screen dimensions—including position, palette, typeface, fonts, code, asset preview, asset download function, and more—and customize your export settings to your unique needs.

Save time with fewer revisions - Primary supporting image

Save time with fewer revisions

Ditch mile-long emails threads and endless rounds of revision. Stop exporting confusing PDF docs with out-of-date information. With Inspect, your team is together from the start, and stays that way as you move forward together.


Now we can make a design, get it into InVision, and they can just build it. The conversation has changed; team members are focused on bigger problems because Inspect handles the important details. We are able to feel confident that as a design evolves, the developers will always have the most current information.

Jared Latimer, UX Designer Manager at Bloomberg BNA

Jared Latimer

UX Designer Manager at Bloomberg BNA

Build products faster with Inspect

Bring your whole team—design and development—together, and build better products, with Inspect.