By Amy Houston | Senior Reporter

June 1, 2023 | 3 min read

Love Not War wants people to break up with their showerheads and buy its recycled products instead.

According to research conducted by the brand, 28% of women admit to masturbating in the shower. While this might seem harmless, the environmental impact is quite staggering. Each year, the amount of water wasted equates to roughly 121 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Leading up to World Environmental Day on June 5, sex toy brand Love Not War is encouraging people to consider pleasuring themselves in a more eco-conscious way.

Surely plastic vibrators are more harmful, you might be asking yourself. Well, the brand claims to be the first wellness company to have developed eco-friendly sex toys made from recycled aluminum cans.

Created by Dude London, the campaign film ‘Break up with Your Showerhead’ takes a humorous approach, giving a voice to five heartbroken showers who have now been rejected by their ‘lovers’ in favor of a new toy.

“Green practices have always been right at the very core of Love Not War’s business model, with everything we do viewed through the lens of sustainability,” said Will Ranscombe, chief creative officer and co-founder of Love Not War. “Break up with Your Showerhead is no different. We’re keen for people to know that by deciding to ‘break up’ with their shower heads and switch to a Love Not War toy, they can save water and ultimately reduce their environmental impact."

The campaign will run on online and on social media from today and customers have been offered a 20% discount throughout June.

“What can I say other than this: it’s brought us all real pleasure to work on this. This is the sort of project Dude is all about, a great message, a great product and a great chance to let loose and have fun… all for a great cause,” added Vic D’Andrea, creative at Dude London.

“We’re so proud to have created something that stands out from the usual sex toy advertising, but that highlights Love Not War’s environmental ethos.”

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