Joana Maria Joana Maria 1 mês
The tyranny of consistency ( A tirania da consistência )
“If you can make something significantly clearer by making it slightly inconsistent, choose in favor of clarity.” Priorizar a c...
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World Creative Rankings 2023
The best campaigns, agencies, brands and people of 2022 Welcome to The Drum's World Creative Rankings 2023, the definitive...
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Bones Tell Story
Print advertisement created by GSW, United States for Xgeva, within the category: Pharmaceutical.
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Pedro Serra Pedro Serra 2 anos
Voyeur Work
Integrated advertisement created by J&G Associates, Brazil for Voyeur, within the category: Media.
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Audi - Identity - A new concept of corporate design - STRICHPUNKT DESIGN
Our challenge for Audi was to create a design experience that was pared back visually in terms of scalability and application...
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Google Design's Best of 2020 - Library - Google Design
A look back at the year's most resilient design projects
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48 incredible ways designers responded to COVID-19
We’re not nearly out of the woods yet, but the devastation of 2020 brought out the best in designers along the way.
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New Launch: Professional Code of Conduct for designers
The International Council of Design has newly updated The Professional Code of Conduct for designers as a international standard...
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Typographic Poster Studies by Xtian Miller
Xtian Miller is a designer from Detroit, MI, USA and he is back another typographic poster studies, I really dig his style...
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O novo Design Center da Fiat e a importância do designer no ramo automotivo
A Fiat nos convidou para conhecer seu novo Design Center e podemos afirmar com toda certeza: o designer está cada vez mais...
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Pato Donald - Proporção Áurea
-Fibonacci -Renascimento -Grécia Antiga -Arquitetura -Natureza Vida!
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Brand Book Globo
A Globo lançou seu “brand book”, o chamado Livro da Marca que mostra a trajetória da marca e busca e reforçar o relacionamento da mes...
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2018 State of Curiosity Report
Breakthroughs begin with curiosity – explore its key enhancers and barriers! #alwayscurious
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Artista imprimiu os termos e condições que provavelmente nunca leste
Dima Yarovisnky, um estudante de Jerusalém, estimou que, para ler os termos e condições do Instagram
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7 Basic Rules for Button Design – UX Planet
Under The cover
under the cover is a contemporary bookshop based in Lisbon, located near the appeasing Gulbenkian Park and the simmering...
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Ana Casaca Ana Casaca 5 anos
High Resolution _ design
High Resolution is a limited video series on product design and design thinking.
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Retro prompt generator for whiteboard design practice.
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Pedro Serra Pedro Serra 6 anos
How To Rebrand: 19 Questions to Ask Before You Start
"How to rebrand?" is a question companies face at one point. Fast Company blogger & award-winning rebrand specialist David...
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Pedro Serra Pedro Serra 6 anos
50 Film Production Company Names
Lights, camera, action! But wait! Slow down there, producer. Before you can begin building a name for your production company,...
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