Digital 2023: Global Overview Digital Report
The complete guide to what people are really doing online in 2023: 400+ charts of global social media trends, ecommerce insights,...
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World Creative Rankings 2023
The best campaigns, agencies, brands and people of 2022 Welcome to The Drum's World Creative Rankings 2023, the definitive...
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Digital 2023: Portugal — DataReportal – Global Digital Insights
All the data, insights, and trends you need to help you make sense of the “state of digital” in Portugal in 2023, including det...
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Internet Archive
Um enorme arquivo de livros, filmes, música, software e muito mais.
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This Company Will Pay You $2,400 to Avoid All Screens for 24 Hours -
Lavazza - Capsule Creators
"Capsule Creators" is the original game created for Lavazza to announce their original capsules and launched in the centre...
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60 × E-Commerce UX Case Studies
A UX benchmark of 60 top e-commerce sites ranked by user experience performance
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Família, Futuro e Diversão: conheça as portas de acesso para a Geração Z
Família, Futuro e Diversão: conheça as portas de acesso para a Geração Z
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Killed by Google
Killed by Google is the open source list of dead Google products, services, and devices. It serves as a tribute and memorial...
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User Inyerface - A worst-practice UI experiment
A challenging exploration of user interactions and design patterns.
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Pedro Serra Pedro Serra 4 anos
Digital Marketing Encyclopedia
Uma boa enciclopédia sobre termos e técnicas de digital marketing
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2018 State of Curiosity Report
Breakthroughs begin with curiosity – explore its key enhancers and barriers! #alwayscurious
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Marca de ração usa buscas por raças no Google para incentivar adoção de vira-latas
A Güd, marca de ração para cachorros, através do projeto Busca Dogues, quer promover a adoção de cãezinhos abandonados atravé...
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Ana Casaca Ana Casaca 5 anos
DigitalBookshelf - Eulerr
20 Must Reads for Product - Manager and Designer
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7 Basic Rules for Button Design – UX Planet
Santa Yoga
Santa needs help to fit in all these new smaller chimneys, let’s get him in shape.
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Volvo_Live Review
This is "Volvo_Live Review" by Grey Brazil on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
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Pedro Serra Pedro Serra 5 anos
Facebook news feed change is death to small businesses
Now you have to pay more to reach people who already liked you
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Ana Casaca Ana Casaca 6 anos
Paper Sizes
A simple, free resource for finding the international standards for paper sizes.
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