Google hypes the Pixel 6 in Japan with bag of 'Google Original [Potato] Chips'
In Japan, Made by Google offered Google Original Potato Chips to highlight the new Tensor chip in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6...
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Google Fonts Redesigns Logo, Adds 2,000 Free Icons To Its Library -
Google Fonts now recognizes iconography as a close cousin to typography.
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Google Design's Best of 2020 - Library - Google Design
A look back at the year's most resilient design projects
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Gmail reveals new logo as part of wider brand update
The logo has been unveiled in conjunction with new brand Google Workspace, which hopes to integrate the tech company’s a...
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Killed by Google
Killed by Google is the open source list of dead Google products, services, and devices. It serves as a tribute and memorial...
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Google Apresenta: Mobile Day
Um dia para os mobile experts de amanhã. O Mobile tem transformado não só a vidas das pessoas, mas também mercados e indú...
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Marca de ração usa buscas por raças no Google para incentivar adoção de vira-latas
A Güd, marca de ração para cachorros, através do projeto Busca Dogues, quer promover a adoção de cãezinhos abandonados atravé...
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Your Plan, Your Planet
I’m learning small changes that can make a big impact on the planet. Join me in discovering more simple things we can do a...
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Social Decay
Art Direction Graphic Design Illustration
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Ana Casaca Ana Casaca 5 anos
Platform Wars (Part I): Google AI – IoT For All – Medium
Evaluating Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, & Microsoft in the age of AI
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Google’s New Algorithm Perfects Photos Before You Even Take Them
Snap a photo and the neural network can identify exactly how to make it look better in under 20 milliseconds.
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International Space Station with Google Maps Street View
The Street View team worked with NASA and the Marshall Space Flight Center to come up with a method for taking photos using...
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