Love The Work.
Um site que agrega e permite visualizar todos os trabalhos premiados dos Cannes Lions dos diferentes anos.
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Luan Castilhos Luan Castilhos 10 meses
Unseen Studio® – Brand, Digital & Motion
We're Unseen Studio, a world-class creative production agency. We help brands transform by blending meaningful branding,...
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Panasonic Connect
Discover integrated AV solutions and workflows, through the fully integrated ecosystem of leading hardware, industry strandard...
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Bones Tell Story
Print advertisement created by GSW, United States for Xgeva, within the category: Pharmaceutical.
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A Sagres vive o futebol
A nova campanha da Cerveja Sagres apresenta a plataforma de ativação Sagres Futebol. Presente em TV e digital, retrata o...
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Vhils - Web Summit
Em cerca de dois minutos, o vídeo criado pelo artista português faz uma viagem rápida por Lisboa, ora revelando projectos em...
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Ana Nunes Ana Nunes 6 anos
Web Summit: Nova tecnologia pode determinar identificação precoce de autismo - SAPO 24
O Programa Integrado Para o Autismo (PIPA), que tem apostado na criação de aplicações eletrónicas para o acompanhamento de c...
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12 Of The Coolest Offices In The World
Not all work spaces were created equal – some can reduce workers' morale while others can keep them happy and inspire them t...
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Magda Sousa Magda Sousa 6 anos
Há quanto tempo não põe os seus colaboradores a pensar?
Há quanto tempo não põe os seus colaboradores a pensar?
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Taipei Subway Cars Have Been Decorated To Simulate Various Sports Venues During The Coming Universiade In Taiwan
In a little over a month, Taipei City will host the 29th Summer Universiade Games, and to build excitement over the coming...
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SickKids VS: Undeniable
At SickKids, we're not on the sidelines, we're on the front line. Taking the fight to the greatest challenges in child health....
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Quem quer apanhar este Autocarro todos os dias ???
Quem quer apanhar este Autocarro todos os dias ???
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Who is Louise Delage? The reveal of the truth behind the chic Parisian broke the internet in France yesterday. The life-loving,...
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Ikea Cook this Page
Ikea case study video
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Hollywood rejects acclaimed French cinema masterpieces
Would French cinema masterpieces stand a chance in Hollywood? In order to present French Cinema as a unique movie experience,...
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As the school year winds down, one student finds himself starting an unexpected relationship.
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TV Commercial | The Truth Is Hard To Find – Tyler Hicks | The New York Times
Caution: Graphic content and flashing images. Discover the hard work needed to report the facts in the latest video series...
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We're The Superhumans | Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer
Channel 4 is proud to present the 3-minute trailer for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Signed & Subtitled and Audio Described...
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