The new 'We ❤️ NYC' campaign has sent the internet into a frenzy
The rants have been pouring in on Twitter.
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First Toblerone bars without the Matterhorn logo go on sale
The chocolate brand was forced to redesign after running afoul of a 'Swissness' law upon moving production to Slovakia.
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Nokia launches new logo to reflect change in direction
The new identity aims to simplify the logo to create a more dynamic approach to the brand, and to signify a shift in strategy...
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Pedro Serra Pedro Serra 9 meses
5 steps to building a strong brand voice
Brand voice is about more than just tone. Here's what you need to know to craft your own brand language.
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Pepsi's 7UP rebrand is rather gorgeous
Just check out that drop shadow.
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Leibniz Design Relaunch
52 teeth that represent the most iconic biscuit shape in people imaginary. This is Leibniz.
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Toblerone | Be More Triangle | Bulletproof
We've set exciting foundations for Toblerone’s progressively premium future with the inception of a bold new brand purpose, '...
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Sonae: há um novo logótipo e muito mais para mostrar como Cláudia Azevedo imprime a sua marca
Grupo renova a identidade e apresenta um novo logo a pensar no futuro. A modernização envolve os valores e o reforço da au...
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Una nueva fuente, una nueva BBC
Así es el rebranding de BBC en 2021. Un proyecto de cambio de marca descomunal con: nueva tipografía, nuevo logo, nuevas c...
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A Marca Madeira é muito mais do que uma identidade gráfica, será a nossa identidade enquanto território e povo. Aquilo que...
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New Renault logo: a Renaulution for the diamond - Groupe Renault
It hasn't escaped anyone's attention: Renault displays a new emblem. Gilles Vidal, its Design Directeur, reveals why and...
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Peugeot removes lion's body from logo for first time in almost 50 years
Peugeot has unveiled a redesigned logo featuring a lion's head that recalls its 1960s emblem as part of a rebrand to mark...
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Audi - Identity - A new concept of corporate design - STRICHPUNKT DESIGN
Our challenge for Audi was to create a design experience that was pared back visually in terms of scalability and application...
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General Motors’ new logo is the biggest branding fail of 2021 (so far)
The Burger King rebrand celebrates its design history and irreverent personality
The fast food chain’s first redesign in over 20 years brings back a 60s logo and introduces a brand font inspired by the s...
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Bold new Kia logo is coming soon (and we can’t wait)
New design to hit the road next year.
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Brand of the Day: Bloom & Blossom Embraces the Chaos of Family Life
Jones Knowles Ritchie executes a typographically delightful rebrand for the skincare and wellness brand.
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Wait ’til you get a Lot of this one
New Logo and Identity for Lot61 by Smörgåsbord
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Manual online da nova imagem da Toyota
The Toyota Visual Identity System (VIS) is a comprehensive tool to guide communications of both the Toyota brand and its...
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It’s Lit
New Logo for Nissan done In-house
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