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What We Do | TIMES TWO
In a world that’s moving faster than ever, we transform visions into reality. We apply a multidisciplinary approach that c...
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Dora AI
Text-to-website is here! With Dora AI, you can generate, customize, and deploy websites with natural language — all within D...
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Pedro Serra Pedro Serra 3 anos
How to design a style guide for websites
To make the work of designers and developers easier, it’s wise to keep all the rules that determine the key elements of t...
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Your Plan, Your Planet
I’m learning small changes that can make a big impact on the planet. Join me in discovering more simple things we can do a...
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First Parallel - Create Mixed Reality Experiences
First Parallel is a disruptive framework enabling everyone to rapidly, create, debug, publish, monitor, and animate Mixed...
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A Beautifully Illustrated Glossary Of Typographic Terms
A complete guide to type terms – illustrated.
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