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TO RECRUIT MECHANICS, VOLKSWAGEN GROUP FRANCE SENDS ITS JOB OFFERS DIRECTLY TO ITS COMPETITORS. Today, the majority (80%) of recruitments in the auto- motive after-sales sector are made with the competition because the market players need a qualified workforce quickly to meet the ever-increasing demand. This explains the extremely high turnover in the sector. And to poach these talents from competing garages, classic recruitment tools are always used (online ads, canvassing, specialized websites, recruitment agencies). In this context, and to give more visibility to the offers of the Volkswagen group’s network, DDB Paris has disrupted the sector by using an unseen approach. Like the Greek warriors and their Trojan horse, Volkswagen Group France and DDB Paris have sent throughout France vehicles of the group with job offers hidden inside, on parts regularly subjected to maintenance and on which, the candidates could fall by making the good diagnosis. This activation was orchestrated throughout September 2022 and deployed on all social platforms where it was relayed by mechanics influencers who also discovered some of these job offers.