Impossible Combo - Burger King | Our Work | Ogilvy
Pelé and Maradona. Learn more about Ogilvy’s Advertising, PR capabilities at Ogilvy.
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All About the Whopper - Burger King
For the 65th anniversary of the Whopper, Burger King is celebrating its most famous and well-known burger.
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Ukraine Launches ‘Tourism’ Campaign Of ‘Picturesque’ Sites For Russian Travelers -
Ukraine currently has no lack of apartments with open concepts and panoramic views.
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Coors Light Unveils ‘Chillboards’ That Cool Buildings Without Air Conditioning -
The advertisements were even painted in the typeface “coolest.”
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Corona's Surprise Billboard Is Naturally Powered by the Sun
The ad has been designed to cast a shadow each evening to make the brand's bottle appear.
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Heineken Debuts ‘All-Black’ Ad That Saves Enough Energy To Power A City -
Pedro Serra Pedro Serra 2 meses
Bones Tell Story
Print advertisement created by GSW, United States for Xgeva, within the category: Pharmaceutical.
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KFC Opens ‘ChickenStock’ Image Library For Others To Steal Its Photos, For Free -
If people are going to butcher its photos, KFC says to at least do it right.
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Sonae: há um novo logótipo e muito mais para mostrar como Cláudia Azevedo imprime a sua marca
Grupo renova a identidade e apresenta um novo logo a pensar no futuro. A modernização envolve os valores e o reforço da au...
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Cadbury Introduces New Candy Wrapper Design To Curb Over-Snacking In One Sitting -
Do you have a snacking problem? Maybe, just maybe, the way wrappers are designed is to blame.
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Climate crisis font | Helsingin Sanomat
Free font for visualizing the urgency of the climate crisis
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Campaign Spotlight: Adidas and Havas create world's first ever liquid billboard – launching adidas inclusive swimwear collection - adobo Magazine Online
Share this postDUBAI, U.A.E. – On June 24th, adidas unveiled the world’s first ever liquid billboard in Dubai, in li...
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Sainsbury’s savoury surprise | shots
Wieden+Kennedy London and Ninian Doff take us over, under and through a raucous festive scene in a celebratory spot that...
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Pampers - Pooface commercial
This brilliant Pampers ad captures babies making doody in HD and glorious slow-motion. They are facial expressions anyone...
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The Tiger & The Buffalo
Step into a world of imagination with Meta and explore endless possibilities as two dimensions become three.
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Campanha Movistar
Print advertisement created by Publicis, Ecuador for Movistar, within the category: Electronics, Technology.
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Una nueva fuente, una nueva BBC
Así es el rebranding de BBC en 2021. Un proyecto de cambio de marca descomunal con: nueva tipografía, nuevo logo, nuevas c...
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Little Moons: The Flavour System by Lucky Generals
Lucky Generals has embarked on an other-worldly campaign to promote the launch of the ice cream brand Little Moons.
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Google hypes the Pixel 6 in Japan with bag of 'Google Original [Potato] Chips'
In Japan, Made by Google offered Google Original Potato Chips to highlight the new Tensor chip in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6...
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Introducing iPhone 13 | Apple
EVERYDAY HERO, a real, fake movie about a hero and his trusty iPhone 13. Watch as they endure every challenge that comes...
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