For The Love Of The Game: Football Ads That Scored With Audiences
Before UEFA's Euro 2024 kicks off, we’ve hand-selected 15 G.O.A.T. footy ads from over the years
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Ingenious optical illusion billboard takes the terror out of the prostate check
This campaign hits a bum note – in the best possible way.
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MACMA: Man boobs for boobs
Uploaded with permission from Ad Agency David for
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Creating a commerce experience that turns milk barcodes into OREO offers
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Dove celebra 20 anos de Beleza Real com iniciativa global para ampliar diversidade nas ferramentas de IA
Para comemorar duas décadas como uma marca sinônimo de diversidade e autenticidade na publicidade, Dove acaba de lançar a...
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ASSUME THAT I CAN | World Down Syndrome Day 2024
Our negative assumptions about people with Down syndrome can lead us to treat them in such a way that these assumptions become...
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Midjourney may have just solved a big problem with AI image generators
A new tag generates more consistent characters.
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Pedro Serra Pedro Serra 3 meses
Ditados Triunfantes, recria os saberes de uma nação, agora escritos por bolachas Triunfo.
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DoorDash | DoorDash All the Ads - :30
O maior promocode de sempre, apenas disponível em vídeo, pelo que as pessoas tinham mesmo que o escrever manualmente para f...
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Gis Marques Gis Marques 4 meses
Innovative AI-driven Campaign by Milka Creates Personalised Songs by Dutch Singer-song rapper Snelle
Today, Milka launches an AI campaign to spread personalised tender raps by renowned Dutch singer-song rapper Snelle. With...
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Gis Marques Gis Marques 4 meses
The best and worst Super Bowl commercials of 2024: Watch this year's outlier ads
Here are the 2024 Super Bowl ads ranked best and worst by the experts, including spots featuring Ben Affleck and Arnold...
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Hangover Whopper - Burger King's Hilarious campaign
Unwrap Hangover Discounts with Burger King Brazil's Festive campaign 'Hangover Whopper'. DM9 agency, Festive campaigns, Hangover...
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Worth Your While & The Glue Society: Carlsberg creates a tattoo animation on Liverpool F.C. fans
Carlsberg Creates Stop-Motion Animation Made Out Of Fans’ Tattoos
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Joana Maria Joana Maria 7 meses
The tyranny of consistency ( A tirania da consistência )
“If you can make something significantly clearer by making it slightly inconsistent, choose in favor of clarity.” Priorizar a c...
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ROB IT TO GET IT Featuring Mickael Zeze | DISTANCE
Uma conhecida loja de desporto quis presentear os verdadeiros atletas. Assim, deixaram-nos roubar ténis de corrida. Só t...
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Burger King veicula anúncio em favor do McDonald's para desmentir boato da carne de minhoca • B9
O Burger King aproveitou o dia 1º de abril para se posicionar a favor de seu maior rival, o McDonald’s. E foi sem piada ou...
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Love The Work.
Um site que agrega e permite visualizar todos os trabalhos premiados dos Cannes Lions dos diferentes anos.
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Campari looks to Milanese architecture for its new brand identity
Robilant reduced the label size to allow the drink’s “unique red colour to emerge”, and emphasised the founder’s signatu...
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McDonald's e Burger King se provocam com anúncios feitos no ChatGPT • B9
Inteligência artificial responde "qual o hambúrguer mais icônico do mundo?" e "qual é o maior?" em peças de mídia exteri...
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Ad of the Day: Sex toy brand champions sustainable masturbation
Love Not War wants people to break up with their showerheads and buy its recycled products instead.
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