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Philadelphia Cream Cheese Debuts DIY Kit To Craft Handbags Out Of Cheesecake
Can’t afford to gift a designer handbag this holiday season? Here’s the next best thing: make it yourself.
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Best Brands - Interbrand
Best Global Brands 2022
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Prioritise Purse And Planet
To mark the COP27 summit in Egypt in November 2023, this collection of work shows that sustainability can go hand in hand...
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Burger Six, Going Dark - Burger King | Our Work | Ogilvy
Burger King has teamed up with global gaming franchise Call of Duty on an international campaign created by David New York....
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Panasonic Connect
Discover integrated AV solutions and workflows, through the fully integrated ecosystem of leading hardware, industry strandard...
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Briefing - A Betano joga com estes clubes
“Unida com as equipas que patrocina e com os seus adeptos” é o mote da nova campanha multimeios da Betano, desenvolvida pela...
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NEOM: Made to Change
Discover NEOM: an opportunity of unprecedented scope for sustainable living, technological innovation and human progress. The...
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AI-generated art won a fine arts competition – and artists are up in arms
‘Stable Diffusion’ Tool Debuts To Bring Open-Source AI Art Creation To Everyone -
Now the floodgates are open, will the sea change propel the art world—or mess it up?
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Domino’s Creates Extendable ‘Pizza Table’ To Hold Down Extra-Large Pies -
Ferrero Rocher Rethinks Iconic Gold-Wrapped Spheres As Premium Chocolate Bars -
Each square still has a sphere on it, with a hazelnut center.
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ALD adquire LeasePlan por 4,9 mil milhões. Vai nascer um novo gigante mundial de mobilidade - Fleet Magazine
Vai nascer uma nova empresa no sector. A NewALD vai resultar da fusão combinada entre a ALD Automotive e a LeasePlan.
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Leibniz Design Relaunch
52 teeth that represent the most iconic biscuit shape in people imaginary. This is Leibniz.
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An independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species.
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Portuguese Chicken Burger
Anúncio da McDonalds Malásia
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Coca-Cola Promotes Bottle-Recycling With ‘Reverse Vending Machines’ That Reward -
Toblerone | Be More Triangle | Bulletproof
We've set exciting foundations for Toblerone’s progressively premium future with the inception of a bold new brand purpose, '...
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Rio Carnaval
Rio CarnavalAfter two years thebiggest show on Earth is back
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U.K. Campaign Shows the Very Last Photos of Suicide Victims
Charity CALM offers tools to save lives
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