For The Love Of The Game: Football Ads That Scored With Audiences
Before UEFA's Euro 2024 kicks off, we’ve hand-selected 15 G.O.A.T. footy ads from over the years
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The Engineer - One Last Dance
The Engineer - One Last Dance · Playlist · 80 songs · 1 likes
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'Miss AI' finalists: Meet the fake models competing for the crown
Amidst the concerns that AI is threatening job security and artistic professions, Fanvue World AI Creator Awards have announced...
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Ingenious optical illusion billboard takes the terror out of the prostate check
This campaign hits a bum note – in the best possible way.
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Coatings for metal and plastic in the general industrial segments. Best-in-class performance. Optimal product range. Short...
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Unifiers of Japan
This site is a love letter of our latest fascination with ancient samurai history and the three great unifiers of Japan....
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MACMA: Man boobs for boobs
Uploaded with permission from Ad Agency David for
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Jogo google
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Creating a commerce experience that turns milk barcodes into OREO offers
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There's An AI For That
The largest database of 12,417 AIs available for over 15,324 tasks. Use our smart AI search to find the best AI tools for...
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Dove celebra 20 anos de Beleza Real com iniciativa global para ampliar diversidade nas ferramentas de IA
Para comemorar duas décadas como uma marca sinônimo de diversidade e autenticidade na publicidade, Dove acaba de lançar a...
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Método SPARK
E-Book com check list para alavancar vendas no digital
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SXSW 2024: O Renascimento Humano na Era da IA -
Após retornar recentemente do SXSW 2024, um dos eventos mais influentes no cenário da inovação em Austin, Texas, trago com...
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Trends 2024 - Building brand devotion
5 principais tendências que irão moldar a fidelidade à marca e marketing de engajamento em 2024
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Exame Informática | Martech B2B Summit: Tem medo da IA? O segredo é testar, testar, testar
O aparecimento de várias ferramentas de Inteligência Artificial num curto período de tempo tem criado algum "ruído" junto das...
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LinkedIn Pages Messaging Is Here: Learn How to Use It
The roll-out of this much-requested feature across all LinkedIn Pages will give your audience the ability to reach out and...
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ASSUME THAT I CAN | World Down Syndrome Day 2024
Our negative assumptions about people with Down syndrome can lead us to treat them in such a way that these assumptions become...
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Dia da Mulher - Junte-se à conversa
O TikTok mudou a maneira como as mulheres se expressam e consomem informações online
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TikTok’s Reportedly Testing a New Instagram-Like Photos App
Midjourney may have just solved a big problem with AI image generators
A new tag generates more consistent characters.
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