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30 Advanced GPT´s prompts to supercharge marketing
These prompts will cover all areas of your marketing process:✅ Marketing strategy✅ Social media marketing✅ Branding and i...
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12 GPTs you should build to boost your marketing
Here are 12 GPTs you should build to boost your marketing
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Midjourney's Chaos Parameter
Learn how to use Midjourney's Chaos Parameters to control the look and feel of your images.Doc Includes:(10) Midjourney PromptsChaos...
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Midjourney's Stylize Parameter - Beginner's Guide
Learn how to use Midjourney's Stylize Parameters to control the look and feel of your images.
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Beginner's Guide to Midjourney's Weird Parameter
Learn how to use Midjourney's Weird Parameters to control the uniqueness of your images.
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Midjourney Power User Cheat Sheet.
 (600+) pages of Midjourney guides distilled into (1) Cheat Sheet.These are the tools you need to become a Midjourney Power...
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Midjourney Parameter Cheat Sheet
All the info you need for Midjourney Parameters.Doc Includes:Midjourney ParametersUsesPrompt ParameterValuesDefaultsPrompt...
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BACARDI COCKTAIL Trends Report 2024
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Connecting the dots: 2024 consumer trends | GWI
Discover the biggest consumer trends set to dominate 2024, and get ready to supercharge your product, marketing, and business...
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Millennials never stopped being cool (and marketable). Find out what matters to them
This report dives into the worldof millennials (consumersaged 27-40), showcasing theirattitudes, media habits, andhow brands...
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Digital 2023: Global Overview Digital Report
The complete guide to what people are really doing online in 2023: 400+ charts of global social media trends, ecommerce insights,...
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World Creative Rankings 2023
The best campaigns, agencies, brands and people of 2022 Welcome to The Drum's World Creative Rankings 2023, the definitive...
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Digital 2023: Portugal — DataReportal – Global Digital Insights
All the data, insights, and trends you need to help you make sense of the “state of digital” in Portugal in 2023, including det...
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