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The State Of Advertising Has Never Been Worse
While in-house agencies and consultancies are on the rise, the former lack agency-grade talent and the latter lack creative...
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O mercado que quer transformar a animação em commodity | Layer Lemonade
Hoje, em meados de 2018, sentimos um pequeno frio na espinha toda vez que ouvimos falar em softwares e aplicativos que automatizam...
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Volvo_Live Review
This is "Volvo_Live Review" by Grey Brazil on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
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Lush: Lush Spa Film - Behind The Scenes
Mill+ joined forces with Lush to create a 2-minute film created via biometric data visualization - the aim being to visualize...
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Made With ARKit
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Apple’s AR is closer to reality than Google’s
Apple has often been accused of acting like it invented things that others have been doing for years. That complaint is not...
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Asana // Do Great Things Together (Director's Cut)
Asana's got a whole new wardrobe! We worked with them to help launch their sexy new look with a gradienty swoopy motiony...
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Objetos em fuga
O artista japonês Yuki Matsueda criou a curiosa série Escape, na qual podemos ver os objetos em fuga numa arte emoldurada e...
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