Midjourney's Chaos Parameter
Learn how to use Midjourney's Chaos Parameters to control the look and feel of your images.Doc Includes:(10) Midjourney PromptsChaos...
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Midjourney's Stylize Parameter - Beginner's Guide
Learn how to use Midjourney's Stylize Parameters to control the look and feel of your images.
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Beginner's Guide to Midjourney's Weird Parameter
Learn how to use Midjourney's Weird Parameters to control the uniqueness of your images.
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Midjourney Power User Cheat Sheet.
 (600+) pages of Midjourney guides distilled into (1) Cheat Sheet.These are the tools you need to become a Midjourney Power...
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Midjourney Parameter Cheat Sheet
All the info you need for Midjourney Parameters.Doc Includes:Midjourney ParametersUsesPrompt ParameterValuesDefaultsPrompt...
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Worth Your While & The Glue Society: Carlsberg creates a tattoo animation on Liverpool F.C. fans
Carlsberg Creates Stop-Motion Animation Made Out Of Fans’ Tattoos
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2030 Status | Mother Nature | Apple
In 2020, Apple promised to bring its entire carbon footprint to net zero by 2030 — through innovations in materials, cl...
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BACARDI COCKTAIL Trends Report 2024
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Connecting the dots: 2024 consumer trends | GWI
Discover the biggest consumer trends set to dominate 2024, and get ready to supercharge your product, marketing, and business...
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Millennials never stopped being cool (and marketable). Find out what matters to them
This report dives into the worldof millennials (consumersaged 27-40), showcasing theirattitudes, media habits, andhow brands...
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Joana Maria Joana Maria 7 meses
The tyranny of consistency ( A tirania da consistência )
“If you can make something significantly clearer by making it slightly inconsistent, choose in favor of clarity.” Priorizar a c...
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ROB IT TO GET IT Featuring Mickael Zeze | DISTANCE
Uma conhecida loja de desporto quis presentear os verdadeiros atletas. Assim, deixaram-nos roubar ténis de corrida. Só t...
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Home - Discover 250 years of Solaire Culture
Do not transmit this content to persons under the legal drinking or purchasing age, or in countries with alcohol restric...
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This ChatGPT Tutorial is a Crash Course on Chat GPT for Beginners. With the increase in popularity, ChatGPT is still unknown...
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Burger King veicula anúncio em favor do McDonald's para desmentir boato da carne de minhoca • B9
O Burger King aproveitou o dia 1º de abril para se posicionar a favor de seu maior rival, o McDonald’s. E foi sem piada ou...
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Hugo Paraíso Hugo Paraíso 10 meses
About Twitter | Our logo, brand guidelines, and Tweet tools
Download the Twitter logo, assets, and Twitter Brand Guidelines — and learn how to embed a Tweet on your website.
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Hugo Paraíso Hugo Paraíso 11 meses
What We Do | TIMES TWO
In a world that’s moving faster than ever, we transform visions into reality. We apply a multidisciplinary approach that c...
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Inteligência Artificial: O que é e como aplicar no Marketing | Liminal
Descubra o que é a Inteligência Artificial, bem como 5 ferramentas baseadas em IA que vão facilitar o dia-a-dia de qualquer ma...
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Love The Work.
Um site que agrega e permite visualizar todos os trabalhos premiados dos Cannes Lions dos diferentes anos.
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Campari looks to Milanese architecture for its new brand identity
Robilant reduced the label size to allow the drink’s “unique red colour to emerge”, and emphasised the founder’s signatu...
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